This Beard Care Gift Box is perfect for the gent carrying around that extra scruff!  Gift the beard sculptor in your life these luxury all-natural products to round out that bold bearded look. 

~Box includes*:

  • Vegan Bar Soap (4.5oz)
  • 100% Cotton 2-ply Washcloth (approx. 6"x8")
  • Botanical Beard Oil  (1oz)
  • Whipped Beard Butter, Cedar + Citrus (2oz)
  • Whipped Beard Butter, Woods + Chill (2oz)

*BE ADVISED - bar soap and washcloth are selected at random


INGREDIENTS  - Our vegan bath + body products are made using high quality oils, butters, essential oils(never any fragrance oils) and organic botanicals to bring offerings the whole family can enjoy!


Approximate weight and dimensions of box: 

 32 oz =   8" x 6" x 4"    


Product Notes:


- To get the most out of your soap, allow it to dry between use.

- Because this is a handmade product, design, weight and color may vary from bar to bar.

- Palm oil, phthalate, sulfate, petroleum and paraben-free

- Only ever tested on willing humans.

- 100% Vegan (with the exception of honey)

- No artificial colors or fragrances, ever.




Our Gentle, Vegan soaps are created by hand using the cold-process method. I combine lye and oils and pour into a wooden mold. The soap batter is then sculpted and swirled by hand and left to saponify (turn fat/oil into soap by reaction with alkali) overnight. I cut the loaf the next morning one bar at a time. Because these are handmade, the designs and colors may vary from bar to bar, but each one is a quality product made with premium oils and ingredients, crafted with care and sold to you with pride.

Thank you for choosing to support a small business!


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